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Natural Green Thumbs

We’re garden people, which means we love to talk shop. Whether you’re looking for a new lawn mower, replacing old tools or need some general gardening advice, we’d love to help you out.

We founded Sycamore Hill Nursery, LLC in 2023 for our love of landscaping. Now we serve the local lawn and garden needs of the San Francisco community and neighboring towns. Since then, Sycamore Hill Nursery, LLC has grown into a business of 10 employees with a growing distribution network.

Designed Grass Field


Honors and Distinctions


We received our Personalized Attention after working in the industry since 2023. This certificate has helped us build a very high level of trust with our customers. We’re proud of the way we’ve conducted our business and we continue to grow every year. To find out more about this certificate, get in touch with us today.


We received our On Time or Your Money Back after working in the industry since 2023. The recognition of our work in the community has helped us build an extremely high level of loyalty amongst our clients. Thanks to our team of industry experts, we’ve been able to earn this award a couple years in a row and we hope to continue the pattern.


We received our National Standards after working consistently in the lawn and garden industry since 2023. Our clients are extremely important to us, so we take the extra steps needed to make sure each of our clients questions are answered. We also pride ourselves on finding the best products for their specific needs, rather than upselling.

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